Can a Title Agency Save Me Money?

A title agency can handle all of your title and escrow needs and provide the services needed to ensure your closing is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. They can provide title insurance that protects the lender and buyer from financial losses that could accrue in the future from lawsuits and defects in the property. If you need lender’s title insurance, owner’s title insurance, or both, Title agencies will need to perform a thorough search to ensure all risks are surfaced, and your assets aren’t put at risk.

Do Title Agencies Provide Thorough Searches?

Title agencies provide detailed searches into the titles of properties to ensure that the sale can proceed without complications and with full disclosure. They will search through public records and discover what property and ownership rights are being transferred. They will check all legal documents and identify any claims or liens. They can help individuals or businesses with a detailed title search before closing, or whenever they need it.

Title Agency With Embassy Title Agency

If you are looking for help from a title agency in Livonia, MI, Plymouth, MI, Novi, MI, or the surrounding areas, Embassy Title Agency can help you. Our award-winning team has over 100 years of combined experience in real estate, mortgage, credit unions, and more. We can handle residential and commercial closings, title services, and escrow services. To learn more about our services or our team, contact us online today or call us at (734) 293-2000.

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